starmaya earth

We are passionate about ensuring that we do not negatively impact upon our world and have been doing our best to keep our footprint to a minimum since we started producing our paper goods.

This page is dedicated to keeping our customers and clients informed about how we help to keep our planet beautiful and our environmental commitments.


All of our cardstock is made entirely from 100% recycled quality card. The card is not dyed or bleached using any chlorine, the colour is achieved by matching raw waste materials. This earth friendly card is our chosen standard because as well as helping to save the planet it has a lovely soft texture and colour and is not a bright white like bleached paper/card so we maintain a beautifully high quality of card.  Our cards are also uncoated and therefore fully recyclable, though we hope that many will be cherished for many years.
All of the envelopes we use are 100% recycled and recyclable.

Plastic and packaging

All of our orders are completely plastic free. As an alternative, we use biodegradable cello bags made from corn starch rather than plastic. Our packs of cards come in one bag rather than individual bags to cut down on any waste. All orders are wraped in 100% recycled tissue paper and sealed with 100% recycled stickers. We use cardboard envelopes, re use of old packing boxes and brown paper along with recycled brown tape to pack larger orders.

Reuse and Recycle

Where ever possible we would like to encourage and inspire people to reuse our products, for example, many of our cards can be framed after to be a lovely little A6 print for your home. Any cards that you don’t wish to save as a keepsake (although it would be lovely if you did) could be recycled in to gift tags - simply cut around the design, add a hole at the top and a little bit of string then add to a gift.  Of course you can always recycle them too. 

We also like to look at ideas in general about how we can all become more eco-friendly – our 'Reuse and Recycle' Pinterest board is full of ideas from either us or pinned from other very talented and imaginative people out there with amazing tips, we have combined these in one place for you to have a little look through and hopefully be inspired.

Our future

As we grow and we hope to have more new products and we promise that each will incorporate our strong belief that we promote the sentimental value and significance of a handwritten note/greeting card for any and all occasions on beautiful paper goods and keep our planet beautiful too.